How can we visualize drilling points to polygons and make an intersection in/slice through the ground layer?

05-24-2023 02:38 AM
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We are currently working on a project with GeoData for our study. We have drilling data and managed to put the data in ArcGIS Pro and convert it to a 3D view. The question we have is: how do we get from the drilling holes (as seen on the picture) to a completely filled ground with visible layers? Also we had to increase the size of each symbolclass to make them stand out from each other, because when they were the same size they were overlapping/glitching.

We also saw a video from ESRI itself that they could slice through the layers and the earth. This is the video in particular,

The video is almost the end product/goal we want to achieve. We've tried cut features, slice multipatch and clip layers. Only the problem is that al these fucntions doesn't seem to do much. 

Does anyone have any pointers to help us get closer to our goal?  

Thanks in advance!

Foto onder grond.png



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