Hosted Feature Layer Domain List Values not working in ArcGIS Pro edit session

10-23-2020 08:53 AM
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I am working with a hosted feature layer that I use for field data collection using Collector which I have subsequently modified by adding two new fields with a list of values created for both.  

When I edit the feature through Collector or ArcGIS Online, the list of values in the domains for these added fields come up with no problem; however, when I bring the hosted feature layer into ArcGIS Pro and enable an edit session, no list of values appear when trying to add or change data for these two specific fields.

When I look at the domain view for the layer in the ArcGIS Pro table of contents (Right Click the feature -> Design -> Domains) the list of values for these two fields is clearly defined.

The only difference between these two fields and the other fields that have domains defined in the hosted feature layer is that the fields and their list of values were added from within ArcGIS Online and that they are listed after the Editing Tracking fields.

Is there any known reason why the domain value pick lists for these two fields would not show up when editing in ArcGIS Pro?

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Hi Jared,

It seems like it could be this bug: BUG-000129214: ArcGIS Pro 2.5 does not consistently display drop-do.. 

That bug says it's inconsistent  - which is not ideal. If you have a consistent reproducible case, I would suggest reporting it to Technical Support Esri Support Contact Support  - since it could be a different bug. The other reason I say this is because I couldn't reproduce the behavior using my own data, even by following your insights about adding the fields after adding editor tracking fields.

Perhaps there is an order of operations that I'm missing, for example, was Editor Tracking turned on before or after publishing? Is Sync enabled - when was it enabled?

Perhaps you are seeing the "inconsistent" behavior and maybe the domain will show up the next time you add the layer to a new project?



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I've got the same issue but I am working with Arcmap. some domain values don't appear in edit session. have you found any solution?

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