Help with simple database hosting for a client

05-11-2022 12:21 PM
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Hello All,

I am new to using ArcGIS Pro as well as ArcGIS Online and have been tasked with a project that I would appreciate some direction on since the amount of information regarding esri products is vast and not extremely clear to a user like me. I have a decent experience in ArcMap to roughly know my way around the features of the ArcGIS Pro program, so this inquiry is in hopes to be pointed in the right direction or to some basic information on program features I can research further. We are using ArcGIS Desktop Basic License (Pro v2.9).

For this project we have been tasked with creating and hosting a "database" for a client in the form of a shapefile in ArcGIS Pro which contains a wide variety of attributes for wells in a wellfield. The client will not have access to any paid versions of esri products (no need for them to edit data) so we will need a way to host this service online so their employees can access it without special software. They also need to be able to query the database to isolate features based on certain attribute values.

I was hoping to gleam some insight from the community as to find the most parsimonious method of completing this task.  I cannot tell from a few days of researching whether I will need the Publisher extension add-on to create a deliverable which satisfies the criteria specified above. Would I be able to complete this task simply using our creator abilities in ArcGIS Online? I have a coworker who is very clever with Python but unfamiliar with ArcGIS if that factors into anyone's advice.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This may be easy or extremely difficult or impossible with only a basic license for all I know. Thanks in advance.

-Jill L

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It can be done, however, a few factors to consider.  It comes down to if you want to make the data public or not.  In order for it to be kept at an Organizational level, your client will have to at least purchase Viewer licenses, which are $100/year/user.  See this blog for more information.  

Carl Morrison

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Thanks for your response.

I believe I understand. As I stated, we would likely take other steps to prevent the user from needing to purchase licenses since they would likely have many users needing to use the deliverable. Would embeding the map in a username/password restricted website be a method worth looking into? Would ArcGIS online have the capability to embed a tool for querying the data as well? Thanks again.

Jill Lawrence

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