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Help converting CAD to ArcGIS Pro

06-15-2023 10:09 AM
New Contributor

I landed a GIS gig at a small Environmental consultant. They currently get CAD data from surveyors, engineers, etc. and they’d like to be able to analyze that data in ArcGIS Pro. I have zero AutoCAD experience so I’m not sure how to Georeference in that program, but the first DWX file I’ve tried to move via CAD to GDB tool sent me to the middle of the ocean.

Can anyone walk me through using AutoDesk to successfully send me the file to open with ArcGIS Pro?

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Esri Contributor

Hi @hanna66 I don't have much experience with CAD, but I think you need to get the coordinate system/spatial reference information from the surveyors/engineers. Then I think you can use the Define Projection tool to define that as the coordinate system of your data. 

Here are a few other resources that might help you: