Help appending all of the feature classes in one enterprise database to a template enterprise geodatabase using model builder

11-16-2021 12:46 PM
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I am working on moving our GIS data from an old server to a new one. I've created the enterprise geodatabase on the new server, and have imported the schema from the old enterprise geodatabase from the old server. The new server now contains a bunch of empty template feature classes. I now need to figure out the best way to load or append all of the data from the old server into the new one. I have ~500 feature classes to do this for, so I'd prefer not to do it manually. I do not know python well enough to utilize it for this task, so I think my best option is to try and work something out with model builder. Any suggestions?

I'm running into a wall because I can't figure out how to tell model builder to append the data from the old server to the feature class that has the same name on the new server. I feel like I'm missing something with the iterators but I can't quite piece it together.

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duplicate post .... see Modelbuilder Questions

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