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04-17-2021 09:33 AM
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I'm an italian biologist. I'm using Arcgis Pro (latest) from about 1 months. I love this powerful item but I have a lot of obstacles...

One of them is this one:

I'm trying to use tool: netCDF to feature layer. The program is not able to transform it!

First: I put the file  with .nc 

2th: I put the two variables such as: Temperature and salinity (I need to show them in my map during the Time from 1997 to 2018)

3th: Row dim ... I don't really know what's is it. Usually I put the 'Time'.

I try also the tool: netCDF to TABLE CONTENT: the fields are: Temperature, salinity, lat, long, time .


Thanks to everyone


I really appreciate your help!



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I found a good YouTube video here that talks about using Make NetCDF Raster Layer and Make NetCDF Table View.  It does not talk about the Make NetCDF Feature Layer geoprocessing tool but I imagine it's similar to the other two.

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