Graduated Colours - some points missing!

08-27-2019 05:07 PM
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I am having issues using the graduated colours symbology feature with one layer. This is extra frustrating as I have five other layers with the same/ similar data that are displaying perfectly!

Background: I have ~1million points showing fixed assets. Each point contains a number of measurements that I want to display in graduated symbols (e.g. displaying good to bad quality). I'm working on ArcGIS Pro v 2.4. I have created 6 layers from my original dataset, each representing he same points but symbolised to display different measured that than be toggled on/off.

Issue: When symbolised with 'single symbols' using a filed where all assets = 1, all points are displayed. But, when symbolised using 'graduated colours' based on my measurement field there are (what seem to be random) gaps in the original points. My measurements range from 0 to 600 and the upper values of my measurement scales are 360, 400, 500, 564, 700.

When I check the measurement value of the points that become "missing" they are between 400-500 so should be symbolised in yellow... as you can see some of my points do symbolise in this colour.... so, why is is working for some and not others?!

I'm awaiting a response from ESRI support so will update this thread if I receive a response before people power helps me out

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Have you upped the sample size?

Graduated symbols—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

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