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Getting to the extensions page from Pro licensing tab takes over 2 minutes!

07-07-2023 03:48 PM
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Anyone else experiencing huge lags when needing to enable or disable extensions in Pro?  In ArcMap there was NO lag when going through the Custom | Extensions dropdowns to enable and disable licensed extensions.  On our VDI it takes 40 seconds to populate the Extensions table on the licensing tab then two minutes for the ""Configure your licensing options" popup to populate and another 20 seconds to enable an extension.  That's over 3 minutes to enable an extension and another 3 minutes to disable it before closing Pro

It's faster on my local install which is hitting an other license manager but that still takes nearly 2 minutes to do everything.  We are using concurrent licenses.  Back in the 1.x days I talked with ESRI but they had no solution.

Any ideas?


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Just replying for solidarity. I have the same issue and ESRI has basically just told me, "it takes a while to communicate with license servers." 

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Only two minutes?  Ours takes 15.  What we would give for just two minutes!

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