Get mosaic field value in Raster Function

09-12-2022 06:40 AM
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I am looking for a solution to access field values in a mosaic to use as constant in a RFT (raster function).

I tried this approach but it works only in the Edit Raster function goeprocessing and only for the "arithmetic function" : Populating functions with values from the attribute table—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

I need to use the RFT "on the fly" and not using a geoprocessing.

I also tried to create my own python RFT with using the Python API but there is no way to access fields.

to give more context, i have a mosaic which contains several raster. The mosaic table contains metadata informations. I need to access to fields containing numeric values to make operations on the mosaic rasters. the rasters are located in different places and the numeric field values I need can change from one raster to another.

Any idea ?


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