Georeferencing Result is Shifting After Saving

02-07-2018 03:09 PM
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When georeferencing in Pro 2 using control points, my images are shifting downward once I save the results. After removing and re-adding the image, and loading the control points, the control points are being displayed in the correct locations but the image is still shown as shifted downward. Even when opening in ArcMap, the image appears in the wrong place. I am using the same coordinate system as the map when georeferencing. What could be causing this?

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I have same problem arcgis pro 2.9

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It looks like this exact question was posted in GIS StackExchange:

The basic solution there is to

-start the georeferencing process

-make a small edit (like fit to display, a manual move, scale, etc.)

-save (causing the shift)

-add control points


It seems that the first save causes a shift and then subsequent saves will hold. Definitely bizarre behavior, but I too am seeing this in 2.9. I've also seen it hold after a restart, but it will briefly render the image in the original location before updating.

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Two of our workstations are having this issue with some TIFs in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.0. Has anyone found a fix yet?

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