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Georeferencing and Sharing images

03-23-2022 12:24 PM
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I had been using ArcGIS Pro 2.8 with this workflow to georeference images and share them with my organization.  

Process to Georeference plan sheets:

1Download plans pdf

2Open in bluebeam

3Extract the single page you want to georeference

4 save the page as tif

5Add that tif to arcgis pro

6The arcgis pro map should be set to use the KRCS Zone 11 county system projection

7In arcgis pro change the appearance to grayscale stretch from rgb classified (if not in color)

8Give the appearance some transparency, around 33%

9Arcgis pro - imagery - georeference

10Zoom to project location, rotate, zoom, and fit to display until lot corners are very close, within about 5 ft

10.5 change layer order so image is under plats/parcels

11Place a few control points to tie the lot corners down

If it gets weird remove the tif and go back to step 5

12Save the control points

13Save the image in the georef toolbar

14Copy the image to another map for publishing to arcgis online in the web mercator projection

15Publish the tiled image service

Share - web layer - tile

Folder - plan review; share with city;

Configure - AGS/web maps, Cache locally to save credits

Analyze, ignore web mercator warning

Publish at an the most detailed tile scale with a size that is around 4-6 MB

16Add the image service to the map in KRCS projection and remove the tif

17Save the map



Short version, I was georeferencing in the project coordinate system, then once that image was georeferenced I could publish in web mercator tiles by copying the georeferenced image (Saved) into the web mercator projection map.  Now I am using ArcGIS Pro version 2.9 and this workflow results in an unknown spatial reference for the georeferenced image, unless I temporarily save the georeferenced image as a new image.  

Has anybody else noticed this difference?  It adds a step I would prefer not to add into my workflow.  Was this an intended change or is it a bug with copying a georeferenced file between maps?  Even if I import control points to the image Pro will not recognize the spatial reference when attempting to publish in the web mercator projection unless the georeferenced image has been saved as a new image - I think this is a bug, I prefer the previous behavior.

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Yes, I am experiencing the same issue with the coordinate system with both tiff and jpeg formats (RGB images). With both types of image files, the image disappears after I apply my transformation. It is no longer visible in either the original location or the georeferenced location. After I Save, the Save button is grayed out, but the tiff file doesn't get updated with the coordinate system or the location. I had more luck with the jpeg where the coordinate system did not get saved but the location did get saved. I had to remove the jpeg from my map and add it back in to view it in the correct location (and received the error that it had an unknown coordinate system). I am using 2.9.2. I also tried saving my control points and then importing them into a new georeferencing session, and I had the same result. I had to use ArcMap to successfully georeference the tiff.

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This convenience seems to be fixed/restored in Pro 3.0

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Thanks for following up on this. It's nice to know that it has been fixed.

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