Generate service area: fails when using same settings which previously worked

05-27-2021 08:29 PM
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For a few hours today I was working to generate some transit service maps, and I was able to do it just fine until it suddenly stopped working. It doesn't give any specific error message, just says "Generate Service Area Failed" about 1 second after clicking run. I've tried restarting the software, my computer, creating a new map and doing it fresh without other features there, I can't imagine what may have happened. Please if anyone has ideas it would be a huge help! Copied below are the settings I used and the "messages" at the bottom which just say there's no messages.


Generate Service Areas

Facilities stops1_XYTableToPoint2
Break Values 5
Break Units Minutes
Analysis Region
Travel Direction Away From Facility
Time of Day
Use Hierarchy false
UTurn at Junctions Allowed Only at Intersections and Dead Ends
Geometry at Overlaps Merge by Break Value
Geometry at Cutoffs Rings
Detailed Polygons false
Polygon Trim Distance 100 Meters
Polygon Simplification Tolerance 10 Meters
Point Barriers in_memory\feature_set2
Line Barriers in_memory\feature_set3
Polygon Barriers c25orgreaterslope_Buffer1
Restrictions 'Avoid Carpool Roads';'Avoid Express Lanes';'Avoid Gates';'Avoid Private Roads';'Avoid Stairways';'Avoid Unpaved Roads';'Roads Under Construction Prohibited';'Through Traffic Prohibited';Walking
Attribute Parameter Values in_memory\record_set
Time Zone for Time of Day Geographically Local
Travel Mode Custom
Impedance Walk Time
Save Output Network Analysis Layer false
Time Impedance WalkTime
Distance Impedance Miles
Polygon Detail Standard
Output Type Polygons
Output Format Feature Set
Ignore Invalid Locations true
Service Areas in_memory\feature_set
Solve Succeeded
Output Network Analysis Layer scratchfile
Output Facilities in_memory\feature_set1
Output Service Area Lines
Output Result File scratchfile
Output Network Analysis Layer Package scratchfile

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