Format symobology label to equal upper value

09-16-2021 06:27 PM
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Hi all,


I am trying to form symbology to look the same as the upper value (with the less than or equal to sign) except with fewer significant figures. I used to be able to do this easily but not it seems to default to a range of values and I have no idea how to get around this.


Any Suggestions?


Thank you




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You should be able to just double-click the layer cell and manually enter the values you want displayed.

You can also click around some of the options when setting your symbology to manually set the values that you separate it by. I'm sorry, I'm unable to open Pro right now or else I would give more concrete examples.

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Hi Alfred,


That does work and I guess since I only have a few legends to edit, that's what I will do. However, if I try to modify the symbology at all, it will revert back to the number ranges and I would have to start over. I think this started after I updated Arc Pro. They added significant figure adjustments to the  main tab which was nice (removing 6 0s), but then they added value ranges which just makes legends bulky.

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