Fine Nudge in Layout?

08-19-2020 06:24 AM
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There are some older posts discussing about the nudge functionality in the Layouts already, but I can't seem to find any very fine nudge option, say pixel size. 

  ArcMap used to use I believe <Shift> and the arrow keys and move text in the layout pixel by pixel if I recall.  In Pro the <Shift> now acts as a large nudge, and <CTRL> is smaller, but still not on the same level as the nudge that ArcMap had (which I seem to think it was the opposite of Pro and used <Shift>+Arrow in ArcMap).

  I'm sure there is an option in the settings somewhere to change the nudge tolerance, but wasn't sure if there was another key combination that would do the same thing at all?

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also looking for how to adjust the nudge tolerance

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