Find FROM and TO lines based on counterclockwise from subject segment

03-05-2021 09:22 AM
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This particular use case is with Road Centerlines. I am creating a table of FROM and TO segment values for each segment, i.e. each road segment record will have a FROM and TO value, containing the NAME of the cross streets.

The catch is that I need the cross streets selected to be the first segment counterclockwise from the subject segment's start/end. In this example, if Green is the subject segment, then Red would be the FROM value and Pink would be the TO value, because Red is the first road counterclockwise from Green at the start, and Pink is the first counterclockwise from Green at the end.

Arrow shows direction of line segmentArrow shows direction of line segment

Is there a tool or calculation available that can perform this analysis?

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Reminds me of the old Arc/Info Coverage data model with Arc Attribute Tables (AAT).

Maybe there is something in that toolbox that can help get you started.

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