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Filetype that can be edited by both ArcGIS Pro and MS Access

12-02-2022 07:48 PM
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Are there any file types that can be edited by both ArcGIS Pro and MS Access?

For example, use ArcGIS Pro and MS Access as front-ends for editing a common file.

  • ArcGIS Pro is good at editing and viewing things spatially.
  • Access is good at forms and subdatasheets. (A related ArcGIS Pro idea here.)
    Concurrent edits/locks are not a concern in this case.

It would be similar to what we can do with enterprise databases like Oracle. I can edit an Oracle table in both MS Access (via ODBC) and ArcGIS Pro (via a database connection).

But instead of using an enterprise database, I'm wondering if there are any local file types that would work for the same sort of thing. Either a local relational database file (similar to an .MDB or .ACCDB) or a flat file.


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