Failure of Paste Special in Arc Pro 2.5

04-13-2020 03:59 PM
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My Arc Pro 2.5 seems to be reverting back to not pasting features after a Cut operation. Pasting, with or without source attribute values, seems to be working just fine after Copy. After Cut, whether or not I check "Keep source attribute values", if I try to paste to another feature class using Paste Special (or even just Paste), the feature I cut does not appear. I have to undo the action, for which the last action listed is "Delete Selected Features".

For testing purposes, I attached a zipped geodatabase with a single polygon feature in feature class "easement", and a blank feature class copy called "new_easement". If you try cutting the easement from easement and pasting it to new_easement in a blank map, the easement is deleted but not pasted into new_easement.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed very soon in a upcoming patch to Pro.