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Facing problem in changing the coordinate system from WSG 1984.

06-07-2023 04:44 AM
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I am trying to calculate the distances of bank branches in the US, for which I need to add the XY coordinate Excel data file. However, when I try to change the coordinate system from WSG 1984 to USA Contiguous Equidistant Conic in the map properties, I still get the same screen with Europe and it doesn't change.

Please let me if I have missed any steps or how to go through with it.

Thank you!

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You have to project a featureclass to get it into another coordinate system, you cant simply "change" it

Project (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

And make sure you have a properly defined coordinate system before you do so

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by MVP Regular Contributor
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If you have XY coordinate data in your Excel spreadsheet, then the way I do it is bring the spreadsheet into ArcGIS Pro, right click on it and select Display XY coordinates. This will display features from the Excel spreadsheet on your map in WGS 1984. Set the coordinates of your data frame to whatever coordinate system you want to convert to. Then export the features from your displayed feature class to a new feature using the data frame as your coordinate system

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