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12-20-2021 07:51 AM
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Hello Everbody,


I georeferenced a Tiff, but after this, i found a problem with extracting the values ​​(quoted points).

Any solution to extract the quoted points from the tiff?

I leave an image below with an example(red circle) of what I want to extract, but the values are many.





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two options

Extract Multi Values to Points (Spatial Analyst)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

or if it is because they are closely spaced then you will need to use one of the other extraction tools

An overview of the Extraction toolset—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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Heads-up digitization could be your fastest option here.

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Are you saying you have a tif with the values as written text from a scanned map and you want to extract those text values to points with numeric values?

I don't think that is feasible.  I agree with @JayantaPoddar you might have to digitise manually.