Export raster to geodatabase with rendering?

07-08-2019 02:03 PM
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My ultimate goal is to publish an image service to our portal. However, as a part of that I need to have the raster finished and ready to go. Since I can't just share from my content pane I need to make my rendering adjustments and then save to my GDB and then publish. The issue I'm running into is my rendering does not save when exported to a GDB. I go through the trouble of taking my raster, building pyramids, adjusting the color ramp in symbology, getting my stretch type to histogram specification but when I export to my GDB it does not export the appearance. Any ideas or suggestions? I have 328 rasters I will need to publish eventually but I need to get this part done first before I can move on trying to do this with python. The rasters need to be presentable when published. Thanks everyone!

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