Export PDF failed in the Layout issue

05-03-2022 07:11 AM
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So, when I make a layout and here, I have 4 different Element types. One is the Legend, One (3 different) Map Frames, North Arrows, and Scale Bars.
I can see some people have an issue with Export PDF failed. This time I select one of each Element type move out of the Layout and test to export the PDF. The Only thing I found that gave me an error is one of two Map Frames that failed.
On my Map Frames, I have three different Areas. One of the is the Area of Interest which shows the area I am working on. The Second is the State Locator and the Third is the focus area from that Area of Interest.

Now, I need to know which problem to find and how do I nail it down to fix the error?

The 2 Map Frames I tested shows me failed is the State Map Frame and Leadville Area.

In the Layout, I have one Legend and the Layout = Passed.

In the Layout I have one Legend, North Arrow, Scale Bar, and the Layout = Passed

In the Layout I have one Legend, North Arrow, Scale Bar, and One Map Frame, the Layout = Failed

In the Layout I have one Legend, North Arrow, Scale Bar, and Second Map Frame, the Layout = Failed

Now what do I need to do? In the Map Frames, do I have to just have only one frame at a time?



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Was the map and/or the Layout made prior to the last Pro update?  If it was, you'll need to make a new layout prior to exporting to pdf.  For some reason, Pro is shutting down without the export for any map/layout prior to the last update.  

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@Tammy_LynnSchaefer  No. It did not shut down on me.  Hold on.

As I was going to post before you did.  I just solved a problem.  I discovered one of a polygon on one of my Map framed turned off. That worked... 

That polygon I drew was an extent of area that I did. I turned that off.

So I had to insert an Extent of Area of Interest in one of my Map Frame .  That worked too.. 



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