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Export layout to PDF time

05-16-2023 06:33 AM
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I regularly export georeferenced pdf maps and was able to do so easily with Arcmap (~30 sec). For some reason, ArcGIS Pro takes forever to export even the simplest ones (~15 mins) which greatly impact the efficiency of my work. More exactly, it's the "Preparing export" step that seems to be the problem. Once this step is done, the map is exported in a second. Finally, using basic settings such as these doesn't speed up the export in any way.


Is this a known issue ? What can I do to fix the problem ?

Thank you

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Hi @lpainchaud , 

Currently I'm not aware of any performance issues concerning export to PDF. We have many "simple" and more complex layouts that get exported to PDF in our automated test harness on a daily basis. No performance issues have been identified.

Of course our test projects only cover a portion of all the  possible combinations that go into an ArcGIS Pro layout. The problem you are running into may be specific to your data/workflow. In order to troubleshoot your issue we will need to reproduce the problem.

Can you contact Esri Support? They are better equipped to handle troubleshooting steps and gather bug data. They can be contacted at



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I'm having the exact same problem.  I started an export at 7:00 PM last night, and it's still trying to export that PDF when I logged in the next morning.  I can explort directly to a JPG or PNG, but when I convert that back to a PDF it loses all of its georeferencing (which is required for people using the PDF in the field).

Was this issue ever resolved?

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