Export Layout street names size changes

11-04-2020 05:57 AM
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I am using a WMS map and a local layer.

In my layout view I zoom in well enough, so the street names are readable from the WMS map.

But then when I do an "export layout" to pdf/jpg/png/... the street names become so tiny that you have to zoom in on the pdf/...

I already tried a lot of diffrent settings in the export layout window

So now I just take a screenshot as a work around.

The photo on the left is the result of the exported pdf and the one on the right is my screenshot...

Result after Export (pdf)Result of my screenshot in ArcGis pro

I don't really see an option to adjust the WMS map, how it should behave in the layout view. (I'm rather new to ArcGis pro)

I would really expect what you see on the screen, is what you get as an output

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