Export feature class with its symbology

04-06-2022 03:10 PM
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Hi there, 

When I export a feature class to another geodatabase and then bring that new feature class into my map the symbology disappears. Is there a way to export a feature class where the symbology is saved?

I found one method: https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000022735 where you also have to export a layer file and then import the symbology to your new feature class based on the layer file. 

This works, but is not ideal. Is there a better way?


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That is the normal approach unless you want to try a ....

Share a layer package—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

There are really no other shortcuts.

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Not sure if this is an option for your, but if you want to share layers with symbologies maintained, you can use QGIS and the geopackage file format. Saving files to a geopackage in QGIS should keep the stylization for all others who open it. Does not work cross platform with Arc though, so what symbologies you make in QGIS will not translate to Arc when imported from the gpkg.

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