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ExcelToTable Conversion issue (both ArcPy and PRO Gui) on upgrade to 2.9.1

02-22-2022 12:39 AM
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Hello Folks,

Trying to troubleshoot a few issues that appear connected to a recent upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9 PRO.

The focus of this post is the repeated failure of ExcelToTable running both from the GUI and as an arcPy command (see code below for call and references).

I have tried using multiple xlsx input files and continually get the same issue, which is that it runs 'successfully' (no error thrown in either GUI or arcPy console), but that it returns a table with only the header of column A in the excel file in it (cell A1). This happens even if I explicitly specify a wider range of cell values to read (e.g. A1:D20).

This command ran fine under a prior PRO version. I can't confirm explicitly that the version was 2.8 as it has been a while since the code was run and I may have updated several times). I certainly expected the GUI process to work. It does not (see issue example on image).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled ArcGIS PRO. The problem persists.

I will mention the other issue I have been dealing with since the 2.9 update, which is that it broke my python environment (original reason I uninstalled and reinstalled PRO while deleting the "conda" folder). The python environment issue only appears to have been fixed on updating all python packages (but still early days). I do not think the two issues are related but am mentioning anyway.

Suggestions/Thoughts/HELP anyone?

Thank you, Andrew

Code snippet:

##arcpy.conversion.ExcelToTable(Input_Excel_File, Output_Table, {Sheet}, {field_names_row}, {cell_range})
arcpy.ExcelToTable_conversion ( SourceData , ( OutputGDB + "\\" + resources[0] ) , resources[0] )

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works fine for me with...

first row as headers (which comply with requirements)

no blank rows

appropriate null values

main environment, no clone

I would back check your clones, If you have been adding and removing them, you may have left some traces of previous attempts (all vestiges of esri need to be removed from your install folder and your users folder as well as renaming registry entries)

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I am also seeing the error window for ExcelToTable significantly since updating to Pro 2.9.1. Weirdly, I am not using any Excel files in my processing, I just keep getting this window appear so not sure if it is affecting other things I am doing.

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