excel file character limit in fields

10-29-2019 10:45 AM
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I am adding an excel table to arcGIS Pro that has table fields with inputs larger than 255 characters. However, when in arcgis Pro, the field lengths are set at 255, and are read only. The text in the fields are cut off.

How do I make the table have more than 255 character length?

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Have you checked your Excel spreadsheet against the Format... section and Limitations section here?  Work with Microsoft Excel files in ArcGIS Pro—Excel | ArcGIS Desktop 

What is the data like in the first rows of the text fields?  It is shorter than 255 characters, and then later in the data there are longer lengths?

As an example, I opened an Excel worksheet quickly in Pro and I also saw that the field length was 255.  But my attributes weren't longer than that.

So I made a 1 record Excel sheet where the value had more than 255 characters (around 260ish).  When I add that to Pro, here is what I see as the length:

So depending on the answers to the above questions, you could move some of the longer records up to the top of the worksheet... or save as a CSV and bring that in.  Typically when I add csv data directly, Text fields come in with a length of 8,000

though that an also be controlled with a schema.ini file: Add an ASCII or text file table—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Does this help?