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12-09-2019 12:08 AM
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Hello, my name is Andres from Spain.
I´m having problems when generating multi lod mesh in slpk format with drone2map
I have more than 10 different flights in different locations made with my drone (mavic2pro) and I am having a problem that I do not know why it is happening. When I configure the products that I want to obtain and the program begins to process everything, it generates almost all of them without problems. The DTM, DSM, Orthomosaic and point cloud in LAS and SLPK formats, generates them without problems. However, the product that interests me that is the MESH  in SLPK format, generates a 1k file. The process ends without problems and without notifying me anything weird, but that product that as I say is the one that interests me, it does not generate it. I send you a screenshot where you can see it.
In the Multi LOD Mesh option it doesn't generate anything, just a 1k file, however the Single LOD Mesh option, it does generate a file that is a 3d object and which I can open without problems in a 3d viewer but, like I say, it is not the product that interests me (I also attached a screenshot of the obj format in the 3d viewer so you can see that it is generated well).
As I say, I have done it on 10 different flights and with different locations and the same thing always happens to me. I have downloaded pix4d, in its trial version, since the drone2map engine is the same as that of pix4d, and it generates the first mesh without problems, in obj format, which is what pix4d offers. I cannot understand what may be happening.
I think I'm doing things right, it doesn't seem very complicated, but I'm totally stuck.
Even when trying to import the .obj file to arcgis pro with impor 3d files, it doesn´t do it correctly
Someone could tell me what could be happening?
Thanks in advance.
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