Error Inspector Error Layers with GCS dataset

08-27-2021 02:29 AM
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Hi all,

Has anybody seen some really bad performance (eg. egdb table locks) with the Error Inspector & Validation attribute rules?

Our current implementation is Enterprise 10.7.1, ArcGIS Pro V2.5.1, SQL Server 2016 as EGDB and Utility Network V3.2 data model on GDA2020 GCS.

There is approx. 190 rules across 2 network & structure domains within the utility network. The rules are very simple in design (eg. Does a field have a null value for a certain asset type)

I’m wondering is there an issue around my dataset to validate which GDA2020 GCS and the error inspector’s error layers are WGS84. We know the support of GDA2020 is bad in Enterprise 10.7.1 which is fixed in 10.8.1, etc


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