Error 110199 forrest based classification

02-02-2021 10:54 AM
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I am trying to run a forrest-based classification (spatial statistics) on a attribute table that i previously used for a simple linear regression analysis. The LinReg worked, but the forrest classification gives me these errors:

ERROR 110199: Problem parsing Explanatory Variables.
Failed to execute (Forest).

I am running these tools through multiple feature classes that have been constructed through the same workflow and only some of them work, where others don't. I would expect something to be wrong in the data (formats) if either all or none worked, as they have all been treated in the same way but now i am not sure what is causing this issue.




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I just started using the Forest-based classification and regression tool and I was dealing with the same error this morning. I realized that it seems to come from repeating (same name) fields in your input feature training dataset. Either deleting any repeating fields or changing field names to unique field names should help resolve the issue. Hope that helps anyone else who may come across the same error!

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