Enabling a layer blend for one layer affects all layers

05-24-2021 01:57 PM
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The new layer blend modes in ArcPro 2.7.x are great - to a degree.

According to the ArcPro Help:

"Layer blending draws the entire layer and blends it with the content below it in the drawing order"

I understand this to mean that if you enable layer blending on a layer, then the blend affects that layer and all the others below that layer, as listed in the Contents pane.

However, when I enable a blend mode on a layer, it affects every layer in my layout. As a result, all of my other layers that are above the blend-enabled raster disappear. The only way to show the other layers  in the layout is to then enable a blend mode for them. In other words, if you enable a blend mode on just one layer, you have to enable a blend mode for every single layer if you want it to appear in your layout. And for every situation I have encountered, when try all the various blend modes for all of my layers, I can never get all my layers symbolized the way I want.

So my question is, am I wrong in thinking that blending should affect only your chosen layer and those below it, as is stated in the ArcPro Help? Or am I just totally missing/misunderstanding the logic of layer blending?

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Bumping this one, as I'm having the exact same problem. 

I want to use the overlay blend mode to combine a hillshade, hypsometric tint DEM and vegetation rasters, then place my vector layers such as roads, rivers, etc to make a map.

Anyone have a fix for this?