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Enable versioning, archiving, and moving edits to the base table?

07-13-2023 07:24 AM
New Contributor III


I am trying understand if there is a way to enable both versioning and archiving but still keep the base table (SQL Server)  simple and “clean”, or in other words: have the versioning and archiving happen outside of the base table, while the base table keeps showing only the most recent data at all times.

I’ve tested both traditional branched versioning options, and what I found is the following:

  1. Traditional versioning: Archiving and versioning happen outside of the base table which is great, however, edits are not pushed to the base table (unless I unregister the versioning….)
  2. Traditional versioning + move edits to base: Doesn’t support archiving at all.
  3. Branch versioning: Data is moved to base which is good, however, both archiving and versioning are handled in the base table. 

Am I correct in my understanding? Any ideas if there is any way to support what I'm looking for?

Edit:  I've rephrased my post to make it more clear. Also, elsewhere on the internet I've been asked to elaborate on the need, so: We have a ROADS feature class, and we'd like to implement more robust editing workflows, specifically versioning and archiving, as edits are being peformed on this FC on a daily basis in a multi-user environment. However, since we have a number of integrations that directly access the base table (SQL Server), any change to the base table (such as recording historic/versioned data and adding fields to identify those)  would require rebuilding those integrations. Of course taking such a step also means that if at any point in the future we'd like to roll back (I do have some fears regarding how archiving will affect performance) - we'd have to undo those changes in the integrations as well. Now, if I have to go down that road I will - I just want to make sure that I am correct in understanding our available options. 

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