Editor tracking fields not populated in a copy paste

12-06-2021 01:02 PM
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Hi all,

I have a question about copying and pasting features from a feature class hosted in an enterprise geodatabase with editor tracking enabled.  We have a bit of an antiquated process for keeping track of historic features in which when a feature gets updated the original feature gets copied and pasted into a 'historic' layer for archiving and future reference if necessary.  This layer keeps historical information from a variety of feature classes so the fields match but there are extra fields depending on the data coming to it.   We've used this process for twentyish years and have never had issues until just recently.  Recently we created a new feature class that has features in it that will need to be moved to the 'historic' layer.  We have enabled editor tracking.  We can create features in this new feature layer fine but when we copy a feature from this new feature class into the historical layer everything (attributes and geometry) comes over fine EXCEPT the editor tracking fields.  Even though they are populated in the original feature in the original feature class all four come over as <Null>.  I should also mention this behaviour only exists in ArcGIS Pro, the same behaviour is not exhibited in ArcMap.

I did mess around with the read-only settings on those fields with no luck.  Has anyone else come across this?

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