Editor tracking created by field --database login value

06-28-2021 02:37 PM
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I set up editor tracking fields for editing.  We use Oracle/SDE database.  We also have a domain for created by field, which is a list of database login in upper case.  Here is the problem:

1.  after i set up the editor tracking fields,  i was able to enter a new feature which had my database login entered.

2.  two weeks later (today),  i could not create a feature because the created by field's value not in the domain's range, which means that the value for created by from editor tracking is not as same as values in the domain.  I checked the value in domain and it is my database login but upper case.

I'd like to know what could cause the error now.  Is that possible the value from login is lower case and value in domain is upper case?  I know for sure it worked several times and it just stopped working now. i was using 2.7.  now i upgraded to 2.8.1 and it still does not work.

Please help.  thanks...


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