Edit hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro as owner

05-18-2018 02:34 AM
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I've published a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online which is not editable. I can make edits to this as the owner of the service within ArcGIS Online, either via the Data tab or via the map viewer with editing enabled. However, when I open the same hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro when signed in as the owner, I cannot edit the features or tables within.

When I check the Status on the Edit tab the layers and tables from the feature service are listed under noneditable with the message "Layer is not editable, unknown error".

I was expecting as the owner, that I should be able to edit the hosted feature service like I can in ArcGIS Online, so why is this not possible?

I know the features can be edited through the REST API or via python, but surely it makes sense that I should also be able to edit the feature service as the owner through ArcGIS Pro.


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Hi John, 

Pro currently checks the editability of the layer and sets these editing capabilities internally resulting in the behaviour you are seeing. We are looking into better support for server roles and behaviour in the release of Pro following 2.2. 

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I don't believe this has been fixed yet (or at least as of Pro 2.6).

Same issue applies to content shared with a "Shared Update" group in agol.

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I am also having this trouble.  I downloaded an ArcGIS Pro solution - the land use inquiry - and am trying to load data into one of the hosted feature layers (tax parcels).  I cannot load my data to make this solution work.  Is there some other way to load my data?  I have the same message as above - "Layer is not editable, unknown error".  When I try to load the data, I get "user does not have create capability".

Thank you.

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I had the same problem, or at least the same symptoms.  I couldn't, in Pro, edit the hosted web layer that I owned and had able to edit in AGOL.  After considerable head scratching, I figured out I couldn't edit the hosted web layer because it was being "projected on the fly" to accommodate the incompatible projection already being used for the map.  When I opened the web layer into a fresh map with no established projection, the layer it became editable.  
The penny dropped for me when I saw the "Edit Status" of the layer, with its additional explanations.  (See screen shot below).  The little grey squares inside the little boxes, circled in red, flag layers that can't be edited.