Dynamic Text in Legend Patches

08-03-2021 03:07 PM
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Hello again,

Currently I am working on a project where the legend has to have text that displays in the Legend Patch. This is similar to the image below:


I'm sure that I've seen this done in ArcMap, but cannot find this anywhere in ArcGIS Pro. Currently I am achieving this by not using a legend element but text elements that are looped through and updated as a custom legend. However, it would be fantastic if there was a legitimate way of achieving this 'text in patch' functionality in a normal ArcGIS Pro legend. 

Has anyone found this hidden away somewhere? Am I just missing something? Thank you in advance.

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I don't remember this feature from ArcMap. I usually solve these problems by creating a dummy layer with transparent symbology, setting the text I want within the patch as the label, and recreating the patch as a background /point symbol for the label (in this case, point symbol since you want a circle):

Format Legend Item -> Labels -> Callout -> Point symbol -> Configure point symbol settings to suit your needs. 

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