Dynamic/calculated field in ArcGIS Pro via Arcade expression?

07-29-2020 12:14 PM
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In an ESRI video called Getting to Know Arcade, the presenter states that dynamic/calculated fields are possible via ArcAde expressions.

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you had a dataset ... where you needed a new column of data because you wanted to have a column that contained values that were based on other values in the dataset?

...But you had to go and make a new column and calculate the values into that column.

With Arcade, you don't have to do that anymore; you can do it on the fly.

Arcade will look at whatever columns you're sourcing from, do whatever calculations or string manipulations you need to do, and then return the result without the need to change your schema.


It's not clear what platforms this functionality pertains to.

Is it possible to create a dynamic/calculated field in ArcGIS Pro that is populated via an Arcade expression?

Thank you.

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Hi @Bud ,


That is a good question. In that presentation Jason Hine, shows a general picture of the platform and talks using Arcade to create content on the fly without changing your schema. That is true, but depending on where you apply this the scope of the functionality available will be different. Have a look at something called the profiles: Profiles | ArcGIS for Developers You will see that Arcade can be used in Attribute Rules, Field Calculates, Labeling, Popup, Visualization and a lot more.


You will also have to consider versions (have a look at the version matrix: Version Matrix | ArcGIS for Developers , and you will see that functionality will depend on the version of ArcGIS Pro |  ArcGIS Enterprise server | ArcGIS Enterprise portal | ArcGIS JS API | ArcGIS Runtime). ArcGIS Online is not mentioned in the matrix since it always uses the latest version.


Some "profiles" offer a lot more functionality than others. Take for instance the pop-up where you can access other layers and tables. The Visualization and Labeling profiles will not offer this and the reason is performance. When you show a pop-up it will normally be a single pop-up at the time as opposed by visualizing thousands of features and labels in a map at the same time. That is why the complexity of an Arcade expression can be a lot higher in a pop-up and still be responsive. 


If you can elaborate a little more on what you want to accomplish, I should be able to point you in the right direction and provide some examples. 

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How do you get a dynamic field to appear in the attribute table?  Configuring a field in the pop-up does not carry over.

I am trying to add a dynamic field in the attribute table to use in my  dynamic text for layouts.

This would be comparable to a calculated column in t-sql.

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Any luck on doing this?

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Sounds like you might need a Calculation Attribute Rule.

Or you could create a database view (supported by all geodatabase types, including file and mobile gdbs) or a query layer (only supported in enterprise geodatabases). 

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