Domains stop working after Geoprocessing?

01-25-2019 06:37 AM
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I have a large geodatabase with multiple feature classes.

I ran Geoprocessing- Arc Toolbox - Data Management - Features - Add XY Coordinates. Then I copied these values into our existing X Coordinate and Y Coordinate fields using the field calculator.

However, now my set domains do not drop down in either the table or attribute window.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know how to resolve it? I don't want to lose my domain functionality.

None of the fields I populated had domains. And what's weirder, is it stripped the domain function from some features but not all of them, in the same feature class.

For example I have 2 features across the road from each other - one let's me populate domains with drop downs and the other does not.

I did this in other feature classes and still have drop down attribute function. 

Is this some sort of bug? I have had no luck getting through to ESRI Support.

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