Domains not saving in subtype field

10-22-2019 01:33 PM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 not saving domain changes for subtype fields, even though I am the owner of the database and the domains are in the database.

I have the same issue whether I am in FGDB or SQL Enterprise DB.

Example (FGDB) - 

When I try to add the existing domain 'UoM' (units of measure) to the UoM field for piping devices, I am able to select the domain and it stays for all of the subtype options for that field. (Attachment Domain1)

As soon as I save, the data disappears and I get the red bar in front of the first subtype and the error code 999999 (Attachment Domain2)

This is repeatable - I have rebooted, saved, closed the app, anything I can think of to clear the 'cache', but to no avail!

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Not that it helps you but this is one of the major reasons why we abandoned subtypes a number of years ago.

In ArcMap you sometimes had to individually assign the domain to each subtype. 

Pro is set up much nicer for managing subtypes.

Issues I can speculate on is you may need to unregister as versioned. Stop all services running on the feature.  Remove any Relationships that may exist