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Does intesect result change with CRS choice?

06-07-2023 07:18 PM
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Before (some) spatial analysis, we need to make sure the coordinate reference systems of the layers are the same. I am doing `intersect` with two layers. I did that under a coordinate before. If I change the coordinate, will the result also be changed? Thank you for your help. 

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That information is tucked away in ...

How Intersect works—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Determines the spatial reference for processing. This will also be the spatial reference of the output feature class. For details on how this is done, see Spatial reference and geoprocesssing. All the input features are projected into this spatial reference for processing.

Spatial reference and geoprocessing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

These types of issues are best done by specifying the desired output coordinate system in the Environments Tab of the Intersect tool itself.  Don't rely on someone/something else to make decisions for you

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