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Digitize Custom Roads using StreetMap Premium

07-25-2019 12:19 PM
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Hi everyone, we have a problem building our digitized roads into the existing network dataset and any help would be greatly appreciated. I've opened and closed four cases with technical support by now, each one was helpful in its own way but often their solves lead to more questions which need a new person to answer them. I'm just getting a little frustrated so reaching out to anyone I can.

Our project is similar to another Custom Roads demonstration ( in that we need to digitize private roads leading to our well pads. 


The main issue I have is getting the StreetMap network dataset to recognize and route to my digitized roads. Attached is a screen show that shows two routes which refuse to acknowledge my roads, instead using the green network dataset to run the linear distance between the two stops. It seems like we’ve tried and checked everything: rebuilding the network, snapping roads to vertices, snapping Override points to vertices, changing the group connectivity settings in the network dataset properties, etc.

Yet this problem is intermittent, sometimes my digitized roads work (generally if I open a new project and restart the process) and sometimes they all fail (often when I’ve added more roads). The build network tool also appears to be intermittent as sometimes it will return no errors and sometimes it returns many “User-defined standalone junction detected” errors, either way the routing eventually fails. I found a workaround for this error on a forum which uses the Network Identify tool in ArcMap, however without a NA license for ArcMap we can’t use it.

If anyone is reading this and may have even an inkling of how to help, please don't hesitate to respond! I'm running out of time to complete this project.

Thank you so much,


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I might be able to help, from what you have provided here for information, not sure where to start.  In the template there are two road types...  "Connect to Custom Road" and "Connect to Network"  It appears to from the screenshot that you did use "Connect to Network" as the overide appears to be present on the vertex.  In the route properties are the travel modes allowing you to use your custom road?

If you can share some of the data with me, or maybe you already did with support? , I could take a look.


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Hi Mark, I'm so glad you responded! 

I am definitely willing to share data, would that be easier over email? My email is if you'd like to move this conversation over there. I'm using Driving Type as my travel mode and was under the impression that this would include the digitized roads after I re-built the network. I've gotten it to route on my custom roads before, but it eventually stops working after more roads have been added. My "workaround" has been to recopy data into a new project and start all over again, working slowly so as to find the exact moment when the routing stops working.

Thank you so so much for responding so quickly, I hope you can help us!


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