Differing Subtype Domains Not Shown with Unique Symbology

10-19-2021 02:23 PM
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We are moving to the Utility Network. Currently, all of our assets are broken into separate feature classes (ie Pumps, Hydrants, Mains, Services, etc). The UN consolidates these features into more general feature classes such as WaterDevice (which includes most of our point features) and WaterLines (which includes most of our line features). The UN takes extensive advantage of Subtypes and Domains in order to differentiate features, so under WaterDevice you would have a Subtype for Pump and another for Hydrants (see subtype image). Both of these subtypes would use the same diameter attribute field but use different domains because Pump diameters are very different than Hydrants diameters. When published, the domain dropdowns work fine in Portal and Collector/Field Maps but ONLY if you symbolize based on subtype.

However, we have our own unique symbology based on custom arcade expressions. When published, any attribute field which uses different domains for different subtypes will not provide the dropdown domain list (see Portal image, diameter). Instead, the user must know the coded value. On the other hand, as long as the domain is the same across all subtypes then the domain dropdown will be provided in Portal/Collector (see Portal image, lifecyclestatus).

Has anyone experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Maybe additional functionality at a later Pro release? Any work arounds where we can use our custom symbology?

Utility Network Version 4, Pro 2.6.x, Enterprise 10.8.1

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was this ever resolved? you indicate HERE that you currently have a bug logged. Can you provide that Bug number?

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