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Diagnostic Monitor Logs are very useful. Thanks.

05-09-2023 08:08 AM
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Just a quick kudo to Esri staff for enhancing the Diagnostic Monitor tool (a few versions ago) so that it includes the Logs tab. I reference the SQL queries in the Logs tab regularly; it's very useful functionality.

In contrast, I worked in IT at my organization a couple of years ago as a senior systems analyst -- administering an IBM system. And the sys admins wouldn't give us senior analysts access to the logs; that was beyond frustrating and prevented me from doing my job. It's one of the reasons I left that position.

Meanwhile, as a regular GIS user in a non-IT department, I have access to the logs (at least the application logs) in ArcGIS Pro. That's a huge improvement over what I had before in my previous IT role.

So, kudos to Esri for providing us with the tools we need to do our jobs effectively. Keep up the good work!

(@KoryKramer, the ArcGIS Pro team might like this.)


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Esri Community Moderator

Thank you @Bud. It's great to get the positive feedback - I'll be sure to share this with the team!

Happy mapping,