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Deprecated license in ArcGIS Online caused error for all ArcGIS Pro Named Users

07-03-2023 07:39 AM
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Hello everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem - we recently started to test the Named User license in ArcGIS Pro for our org. It's been going good so far except we started seeing an issue today.

I received a message from one of our users that they were receiving this message:


It appeared that all of the users with Named User licenses in ArcGIS Pro were unable to access their account. So I went to ArcGIS Online and saw this message:


It turned out we had one rogue ArcGIS Tracker license assigned. I removed that and it seemed to resolve everything. But is that really expected?! That if there is one deprecated license, it blocks ArcGIS Pro access for everyone in the org.......

We still have one user that is unable to log in, but after clearing the old license out, it seemed to fix it for everyone else in the org.

I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this! If it's an expected thing for the Named User license, that's a pretty critical issue. I could see it giving the admins a message, but locked out all the current license uses for one deprecate license is a big issue for our users. The user that was locked out was not even the person using Tracker.

I did reach out to tech support, but I'm still waiting for feedback

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Hi @SaraJL 

This is expected behaviour. As documented in this link if the licence assignments are not correct, i.e. you have a licence allocation of any product that exceeds allocation, no one in the organization will be able to sign in to use ArcGIS Pro or additional products.

I hope that clears things up!

~Just trying to fix things~
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Is there a reasoning why it would block it for everyone in the organization - instead of just the user(s) that might have the extra license assigned?

This is extremely confusing! I was actually reading through this article recently on Managing Licenses, and at the end of the article is specifically says "members" and not the "whole organization":



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