DEM creation from a stereo pair of images

04-13-2022 08:05 AM
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Hello, I have troubles with DEM creation from a stereo pair of images. I will be happy if someone guide me!

It's SPOT7 satellite imagery that covers the part of Caucasus mountains (~ 3000m of elevation range). Each of pair images is in fact a 4-pieces mosaic, automatically recognizable thanks to DIM_***.xml and having an additional RPC_***.xml file .  

I created successfully a mosaic dataset in a database, an Ortho Mapping workspace with it, and run the Block Adjustment processing step (Control and Solution points are here) getting the reasonable uncertainty values (wiht the Adjustment Report tool).

The next step should be the DEM generation with a DEM Wizard... I tried to run it with both options of output file type (tif and crf) and varying other options, but at any try get an error on the Second step:  >> 003048: Input folder contains no LAS files. Failed InterpolationFromPointCloud.

I tried to run GeneratePointCloud from the toolbox as well. No errors come out, but the generated folder for output files stays empty.

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I am having the same issue. I can watch the las files being written in the selected folder and as soon as Generate Point Cloud finishes, all the files disappear. 

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