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DEM and Tin layers not showing in 3D Layers

01-14-2022 07:33 AM
New Contributor II

Hi. I hope someone can help. 

I have created a DTM from drone data using Agisoft Metashape and am looking to do some volume analysis of a channel in ArcPRO. I have also  created a TIN from a small masked section of my channel. 

I want to view these in 3D in Arc PRO (2.8.0) but they will only add to 2Dlayers and not 3D (I can view them fine in 3D in ArcScene 10.8)

All the files are in British National Grid for XY but show 'unknown' under Z coordinates in the layer properties in Cataolg.

My qs I would like help with are (and i assume are linked):

- Should there be a Z coordinate system? If so what is the Z coordinate system for British National Grid as I can't find anything appropriate under the options

- How can I get my files (which have elevation data) to display under 3D layers and not 2D layers?

I can try to provide additional details if needed.

Many thanks,



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