Data Translation Best Workflows

05-03-2022 06:55 AM
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Hi all. I am trying to load field collected data from a Trimble Terraflex service into our ArcGIS Water Distribution Network Esri Solution. The issue is our GIS environment is utilizing Domain and Field Codes, whereas the Trimble Connect service just outputs simple text. We will do this data pull and append 1x a week, so ideally we'd want the smoothest possible route.


I want to find a best practice method of translating the output data from Trimble services into the # Value Doman Code that we can easily append into our GIS workspace without manual entering/Field Mapping of schema, field values, and column names. I've looked into, but don't have access to Data Load (Data Mapping Workbooks) tools that would ease in this process.


I value any feedback or input. Thanks.

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