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Data Frame data locking

12-06-2017 12:39 PM
New Contributor III

Hello. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this weird occurrence.

I have a feature class in my main "Layers" Data Frame. Somehow, the feature class copied over to one of my other Data Frames, and now seems to lock or control the feature class within my main Layers Data Frame. So, for example, if I try to remove the layer from the second Data Frame, it is removed also from the main... Ideas on how and why this happens?


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New Contributor III

Hi Crystal,

A couple questions for you:

1. When you say 'feature class' are you referring to the feature layer added to your Insights Workbook?

2. When you say 'data frame' are you referring to the individual Cards in Insights?

If so, this seems like it could potentially be an issue with the Cards in your Page being synced. Did you sync the cards' extents?

If not, then I'm assuming you're working strictly with feature classes in the data frame of ArcGIS Desktop. If that is the case, then I would recommend posting your question in the appropriate forum. Let me know if you need any help doing that!



UPDATE: Question moved from Insights to ArcGIS Desktop.

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