Data Driven Pages in ArcMap Migration to Maps Series in Pro

10-09-2018 09:03 AM
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In the following online resource: 

It states Data Driven Pages is now called Map Series

Does this mean that an mxd that contains Data Driven Pages will be automatically migrated to a Map Series using the Import Mxd tool found in Pro?

If not, how much rework needs to be done to match ArcMap's Data Driven Pages?  Would these projects need to be recreated from scratch which could be a considerable amount of work?

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Hi Michael, 

Data Driven Pages will convert to a Map Series when you import the mxd. You may need to check dynamic map surrounds, such as legend and dynamic text, to make sure they behave as you expect. Pay particular attention to the legend since legend fitting strategies are different in ArcGIS Pro so you may have to make some adjustments. 


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I have two large Data Driven page (DDP) files without grids that I am trying to import into ArcGIS Pro but am having trouble.  For one mxd it says it is unable to import and no reason why.  For the second it has been trying to import for an hour and I believe it is unable to do it - maybe stuck in a loop???  Can you give me insight into what may be going wrong?  1st, when I opened ArcGIS Pro I just told it to begin without a template since Arcmap doesn't use templates.  Should I select a different option?  If so, what?  Then, I went to the Insert tab, then clicked import map, and selected the mxd.  Is this the proper sequence of steps?  Here is some more background info that may help:  I didn't use a grid for Data Driven Pages (DDP) in ArcMap because the series of maps are of several Wildlife Management Areas and State Parks of greatly differing sizes and shapes in a state way too large to grid.  I then use the boundary polygon of each area to set the extent in DDP for each map in the series.  Is ArcGIS Pro able to import DDP without a grid?  Is there anything else I should do to properly import it? 

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