Data Clock - Chart Class - Manually defined intervals

06-13-2021 05:56 AM
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ArcgGIS Pro 2.7.0

Hi all,

I'm looking to automate the creation of several SVGs of data clocks.  I can create and export them fine with arcpy, but the Chart property dataClock.classificationMethod does not have the option to set manual class breaks, and I can't see where I can even set an alternate colour ramp (shades of blue at the moment).

I was wondering if anyone had any possible workarounds or hacks to set class breaks of something like 0-20, 20-40, >40 etc.

I can also see that 2.8 has the arcpy.charts module, but the documentation as per classificationMethod seems to have the same limitation i.e. 'Supported options are equalIntervals, geometricalIntervals, naturalBreaks, and quantiles.'


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