Custom basemap for AGOL issue

04-06-2020 02:53 PM
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So I decided to create a custom basemap using ArcPro 2.5, and then publish it to my organization on AGOL to use in their basemap gallery. I have been successful at creating a custom basemap and sharing as a vector tile layer/package on AGOL. However, I would like to have some of the layers in my basemap be Reference layers just like when you select the "Imagery with labels" basemap and the labels are nested within the basemap ("World Boundaries and Places"). 

I figured out how to set my layers in ArcPro as basemap and reference layers by right clicking on them. However, when I Share As Web Layer to AGOL, those settings don't seem to carry over and I just get one flat basemap. Will I have to create two separate basemaps (one with the background data and one with things like roads and labels) and then manually set them up as basemap and reference layers each time I create a Web Map on AGOL?

Thanks for any insight. 


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